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Diagnostics, maintenance and repair of land, water and any other transport
Mandatory requirements:
Experience and high skills in the repair of vehicles;
Welcoming skills with a welding machine, pneumatic tools, hoist, body and finishing work skills are welcome;
All our vehicles must always be in good condition and work like clockwork.

Housing in exchange for help with repairs;
SIM card with unlimited tariff and phone;
Free schedule (40 hours a week at a convenient time, the main thing is that all equipment is serviced and serviceable);
Auto, access to the assets of our company, including trips on a yacht to the ocean, the use of motorcycles and other vehicles for personal purposes (barter for hours of service);
At your request, we can provide additional earning opportunities.

All of the above is $2000 of your salary + money tip for completing various tasks (cleaning, washing vehicles).
Send a response to the vacancy by email, attach a detailed message about your projects and yourself, your work experience (personal or in a car service, it doesn’t matter).