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Landstormers — Travel Project

“Landstormers: Explore, Experience, and Empower”

Landstormers is an inspiring travel project founded by Dmitry Korikov, a passionate explorer with a vision to share the beauty of the world and make a positive impact. 

This multifaceted platform offers a diverse range of content and services designed to ignite wanderlust, document adventures, and contribute to meaningful causes.

Travel Diaries

Dive into the captivating world of Dmitry’s globetrotting escapades through an extensive collection of photographs, videos, notes, and insightful articles.

Join him on his journeys, from bustling city streets to remote natural wonders, as he captures the essence of each destination.

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TV Miniseries

Embark on a cinematic adventure with Landstormers’ documentary series, which offers an intimate look into the art of travel. 

Currently in the final stages of post-production, this compelling series promises to transport viewers to far-flung locales, providing a fresh perspective on the world’s diverse cultures and landscapes.

Get ready to explore through the lens of Landstormers, with the series.

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At Landstormers, travel is more than just exploration; it’s a means to make a difference.

Discover a handpicked selection of non-commercial organizations that are truly changing the world for the better.

Landstormers supports these noble causes, offering the best suggestions for those who want to contribute to positive global change.

Join Landstormers on an enriching journey that goes beyond the ordinary, celebrating the art of travel, storytelling, and philanthropy.

Explore the world, one destination at a time, and be part of a community that strives to leave a lasting impact.

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