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Your responsibilities will include:

-Monitoring the promotion department, checking publications and the quality of employees;

-Responsibility for room / apartment rental services;

– Search for new sites for placing rooms;

– Analysis of competitors;

– Processing customer applications (in English), further dialogue;

– Search for a freelancer, preparation of technical specifications and monitoring the implementation of the task;

– Substitution of the supervisor;

You can always develop in other directions if you want to.

Mandatory requirements:

– Ability to prioritize;

– Literate Russian (written);

– Lively and relevant English (written and spoken). You may not know all the rules thoroughly, the main thing is to write without a “ruglish” and very gross errors;

– Effectively completing tasks, not working for the sake of work. The more you can bring to the company, the more you can earn.

– Ability to devote work to at least 40 hours a week. The more you work, the more money you get.

– The ability to find, correctly analyze and present information. It is important to understand that in connection with a large number of different tasks, you will have to grab a lot on the fly.


– The ability to develop;

– Participation in interesting projects;

– Salary 2 times a month. From $300 for 40 hours a week;;

– It is important to understand that during an internship your salary will be $2.1 per hour. An internship ends when you begin to essentially do and understand processes. After it – your salary will increase, you will be able to receive $600-$850.

-Percentage of salary for hours and bonuses for making sales and moving people to apartments.

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