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Colorist video

Colorist video to perform the following tasks:
Color correction video;
Grading video;
Cutting video for stocks;
Saving screenshots from the footage;
Slicing backstage rollers.

The ability to develop;
Participation in interesting projects;
Salary from $300-$850 (payments 2 times a month);
A free schedule that you compose yourself.

Mandatory requirements:
Ownership of Photoshop;
Stable internet access;
Stick to your own work schedule;
Comply with corporate ethics;
Adequately perceive constructive criticism;
Effectively perform tasks, and not work for the sake of work. The more you can bring to the company, the more you can earn.

Additional Information:
Significant experience in the field is not required, it is important to be able to work in DaVinci Resolve, Adobe Premiere 2017 and higher, After Effects.
Skills in Premiere Pro, Audition and knowledge of third-party plug-ins and techniques when working with materials to improve their quality are welcome.
If you wish, you can connect to other projects of the company and earn more.
To respond to the vacancy, fill out the Google form: